Loaves and Fishes to Host 2013 Feed the Thousands Event

August 28, 2013

With more than two decades of experience in the manufacturing and distribution industries, Joseph Lancia currently serves as president and chief executive officer of Dispoz-o/Wilkinson Industries, a company that manufactures food-packaging products. In his spare time, Joseph Lancia donates his time and resources to a number of charitable organizations, including The Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, and Loaves and Fishes, for which he served as a board member for several years.

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Loaves and Fishes collaborates with a network of food providers in Greenville County to distribute food to more than 61,000 people in the area who are recognized as food insecure. The organization distributes food at no charge through local community centers, soup kitchens, food pantries, or shelters, and it distributed in excess of 1.2 million meals in 2012.

Loaves and Fishes is preparing to host its annual Feed the Thousands event, which is held on Thanksgiving Day each year. This year, on Nov. 28, 2013, local churches, companies, and more than 300 volunteers will gather to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for those who otherwise would not have the opportunity to celebrate in the traditional manner. Loaves and Fishes anticipates more than 3,000 meals will be delivered on Thanksgiving Day.


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