Joseph Lancia – Custom Engineered Wheels, Member and Equity Investor

December 9, 2013

A graduate of Southern Connecticut State College in New Haven, Connecticut, Joseph Lancia is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and private-equity investor. He is also the founder and senior partner of Strategic Capital Associates, a growth-equity investment firm in Greenville, South Carolina, for midsize enterprises in need of capital development. In addition to his work in investments at Strategic Capital, Joseph Lancia is actively involved as a board member at Pinnacle Coating and Converting, BTC Electronic Components, and Custom Engineered Wheels, Inc.

Merged and reorganized in 2009, Custom Engineered Wheels (CEW) is now the world’s leading producer of wheel products for consumer, industrial, mobility, and sports purposes. Headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana, CEW manages production facilities for injection molding, extrusion, polyurethane tires, and lost-core injection molding in Indiana, Mississippi, and Reynosa (Mexico).

As a dedicated supplier to manufacturers worldwide, CEW offers clients the equipment, expertise, and production facilities to produce custom-designed, molded wheels for any purpose thinkable, including wheels and casters for lawnmowers, carts, forklifts, wheelchairs, bicycles, and more.


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