About Joseph Lancia

The bearer of a degree in corporate finance from Connecticut State College, Joseph Lancia has become a talented businessman, as evidenced by his career. After completing his degree, Joseph Lancia founded Strategic Investments, a boutique firm performing mergers and acquisitions. Joseph Lancia successfully completed 42 divestitures and acquisitions at Strategic Investments and worked with several pre-eminent names in the investment banking sector before turning his attention to manufacturing. Before Joseph Lancia’s arrival at the company, Dispoz-o was a third-tier manufacturer. Joseph Lancia pushed the company to become a first- and second-tier manufacturer, securing profitable relationships with major restaurant chains and food suppliers. Over six years, Joseph Lancia doubled Dispoz-o’s profits, largely due to a restructuring centered on vertical sales. Thanks to Joseph Lancia’s executive guidance, Dispoz-o became one of the country’s foremost firms for the sale and manufacture of plastic packaging. Joseph Lancia saw Dispoz-o through a 2009 merger with Wilkinson Industries following a 2009 merger, remaining with the business as a consultant. Simultaneously, Joseph Lancia has returned to his work in the financial sector by founding Diversified Capital Holdings, LLC. Joseph Lancia connects mid-sized firms to appropriate equity source and advises them in a number of financial and administrative capacities. A longtime Connecticut resident, Joseph Lancia relocated to South Carolina in 1992. Joseph Lancia’s many charitable endeavors include work with Boys Home of the South, Hospice House of Greenville, Meals on Wheels, and the Salvation Army. At Dispoz-o, Joseph Lancia and his employees participated in walk-a-thons for the March of Dimes. Joseph Lancia is currently a member of the board of the College of Business and Behavioral Science at Clemson University and the Chairman of the Thornblade Classic charity golf tournament.


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